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Bear photograph used in nature magazine Adirondack Life

Photographer, Gerry Lemmo specializes in wildlife photography from around the globe!

Experience the ever-changing pastel tide of dancing light - with nature photography of the aurora borealis; discover an unbroken solitude which calms the soul through my photos of The Amazon; see great wild beasts of uncanny shapes and designs from East Africa, and frozen landscapes where comical birds greet you warmly - Antarctica. These are but a few of my incredible life experiences that I wish to share with you.

Please enter my stock photo gallery and enjoy the work that I, as a nature photographer, have put on display. You'll find an international selection of biodiversity, endangered species, wilderness landscapes, travel destinations and local cultures, combined.

Cheetas photo from National Geographic Japan

National Geographic World Magazine (Japanese Edition)

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Please let me know what photos meet your needs. And, keep in mind, I've got a lot more photos in stock than first meets the eye...thousands more!

Whether it be award-winning regional publications, or those that span international borders, I am happy to provide you with the imagery that will work for you.

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As a professional photographer for over twenty years, Gerry Lemmo has been widely published in magazines such as National Geographic World, Audubon, The Nature Conservancy, Ranger Rick's, Adirondack Life, Birds & Blooms and Caribbean Travel & Life, among others.


Gerry Lemmo is a wildlife photographer residing in the Adirondacks of Warren County, New York. His travel destinations have included Alaska, Belize, Costa Rica, Kenya, Madagascar, Trinidad and much of Canada and the United States. Recent trips for photography have taken him to Australia and The Great Barrier Reef, Patagonian Chile, the Antarctic Peninsula, and into the vast Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. A great number of his photos are also from numerous treks throughout the Adirondacks, and the great Northeast. To read more about Gerry, click here!

Organizations wishing to schedule one of Gerry Lemmo's unique, narrated color slide presentations featuring local wildlife and exotic flora, fauna and cultures from his world travel destinations, should email Gerry or call him, weekdays, at (518) 793-3058.

Gerry with penguins from Antarctica