Ecotourism / Wildlife Photography


Narrated color slide presentation
by Gerry Lemmo

G’day mate!  Join me, naturalist, photographer and world adventurer, Gerry Lemmo, on a marvelous trip through northern Queensland, a popular tourist destination, chock full of variety.  We’ll visit tropical rainforests, lush waterfalls and rolling pastureland, intermingled with the dusty Outback, to the west, and the incredible undersea world of The Great Barrier Reef to the east.  Plus we'll meet some of the locals that call Australia home, along with the unique birds and animals that come from down under.  All, in eye-popping color that fills the screen. 

Wildlife calls and rousing music accent this program.

If you are interested in a slide presentation, or in ordering stock photography or photo enlargements for home/office decor, please contact me.

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