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Gerard Lemmo is one of the Northeast's most prolific wildlife and travel photographers in the world. His images are much sought after by publishers, advertising agencies and other clients, and they regularly appear in both local and international circulation.

Mr. Lemmo with his gear for shooting photos of wildlife.

Photo credit: Lynne Lemmo

Having traveled to six of the seven continents in pursuit of adventure, and the thrill of capturing beautiful images of elusive wild creatures, plus the landscapes and cultures that surround them, Gerry continues to build upon his diverse photo stock from throughout the world. His intense love of nature, since early childhood in New York State, has grown from common backyard insects to endangered species from far-off lands such as Antarctica, Patagonian Chile, Trinidad, Alaska, Central America, Madagascar and The Amazon. Within his large collection of images, that exceeds 100,000 photographs, are birds, insects, mammals, crustaceans, mollusks, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and a great variation of plant life and wildflowers. Among this ever-broadening selection are mountain scenes, tourist destinations, native people, cities and small towns, outdoor sports, night scenes, still lifes, and an assortment of additional subject matter.

Forest book cover and General Electric brochure using Gerry's photography

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Gerry's photographs have been published in dozens of books, magazines, calendars and promotional flyers, and have been seen in more than 20 countries. His clients, among others, include The National Geographic Society, International Paper Company, National Audubon, The Nature Conservancy, General Electric, the San Diego Zoo, The London Times and the National Wildlife Federation. He has also written several photo-illustrated articles for Adirondack Life Magazine and the New York State Conservationist. While on assignment, Gerry has photographed in Vermont and New Hampshire for the Nature Conservancy, and in New York, for Backpacker, Adirondack Life and Adirondack Explorer Magazines, as well as for two local newspapers.

Fox sleepingAs an accomplished naturalist and lecturer, Gerry Lemmo is a popular speaker at schools, libraries and other organizations in Northeastern New York. With more than twenty four, unique color slide programs, often accompanied by audio segments of bird calls or music, he presents upwards of 150 slide shows, yearly, to audiences ranging from kindergarten age to senior citizens. Gerry's slide presentations are available throughout the year to residents of The Adirondacks, upstate New York and western Vermont.

Elk and Elk Hunting Book image

If you would like more information on any of the photographs contained in this website click here or call
(518) 793-3058