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Gerry Lemmo, Nature and Wildlife Photographer, offers slide presentations of his World Renown photography. 
There are over twenty four, narrated color slide show presentations, based on various habitats, wildlife species, ecotourism and general travel. Please click on a program to read more about it.

Adirondack Mammals California Here I Come Ecuador Northeast Pondlife
Adirondack Songbirds Canada - Polar Bears Forever Glades Northeast Woodland
Adirondack Timeless Treasures Central America Hurray USA! Seashore
Alaska Christmas In New York Love Is In The Air The Glorious Garden
Antarctica Destination Patagonia Madagascar Tropical Rainforest
Ausome Australia! East Africa - Birds Newfoundland & Labrador Wetlands
Backroads of Vermont East Africa - Safari Northeast Meadow Yellowstone -
An American Safari